Upper Limb

ELBOW joint and ELBOW region problems:

Sports injuries

Consequences after an injury: pain, jamming sensations, stiffness, limited range of movement

Complaints without an injury: pain in rest state, at loads, at night, limited range of movement, 


Listing of elbow surgeries (open or arthroscopic elbow surgeries):


  • elbow joint contracture – arthroscopic disengagement, redressment

  • elbow joint capsulitis – arthroscopic capsulotomy

  • elbow joint synovitis - arthroscopic synovectomy

  • elbow joint impingement syndrome – arthroscopic alignment of ossificates

  • chronic external elbow epicondylitis – arthroscopic tissue disengagement

  • chronic inflammation of elbow synovial bursa – open resection of synovial bursa


SHOULDER joint and SHOULDER region problems:

Sports injuries

Late consequences of injuries: pain, stiffness, pain at night, asthenia, restricted movements, muscular asthenia, and shoulder joint instability

Complaints without injury: pain, stiffness, pain at night, asthenia, restricted movements, and muscular asthenia


Listing of arthroscopic shoulder surgeries:


  • Rotator cuff tendon (m.supraspinatus, m.infraspinatus and m.subscapularis) damages: suturing of ruptured cuff, and anchor fixation

  • Habitual dislocation (BANKARTA, BonyBankart): suturing of capsular rupture and anchor fixation

  • Adhesive capsulitis: capsulotomy

  • SLAP: suturing, anchor fixation

  • Subluxation of the long head biceps tendon, tendonitis or tendovaginitis: tenothomy/tenodesis

  • Bursitis calcarea: excision of calcification

  • Impingement syndrome: acromioplastics, subacromial decompression

  • Acromioclavicular dislocation and ruptured CC ligament reconstruction: TightRope fixation

  • Neuralgia suprascapularis, compression, cyst: relief, decompression

  • Stabilization operation for chronic habitual dislocation: Latarjet

  • Old, nonreducible rotator damages: Latissimus dorsi transposition


Problems of METACARPAL joints and region:

Sports injuries

Injury after effects: pain, instability, seizing feeling, stiffness, and restricted movements

Complaints without injury: rest pain, pain under load and at night, restricted movements, and finger deformation


Listing of arthroscopic/open metacarpal surgeries:


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: decompression, neurolysis

  • Palmar fasciectomy with release of the neurovascular bundles

  • Operations of stenosing tenosynovitis

  • Correction of fracture mal-union